kitchen table consulting



My Home Office

My cluttered home office, not lacking in confusion, says that I'm not the sort of person May Sarton described in this quote that I love, to the right. But the quote reminds me how much I treasure the days when I don't have to go "out," but can swim around in the well of spirit available to me when I'm not rushed or distracted.



An 1820s cape on Main Street in Eliot, with a 10 year old addition out the back. Both the van and red truck are gone now, replaced with a little red Yaris and a tan/gold truck.


My Community Workplace for many years

  Landmark Hill, Rte 1, Kittery

Community Wellness Coalition office

2000 - 2006

Around the corner to the Community Resource Center

Where the CWC office moved in 2006,

through 2008.

And where I worked part-time, 2007 to 2012, at Green Acre Baha'i School.