kitchen table consulting


People and their stories


Here are some of the people who sit with us at our kitchen table.


My husband, Stephen, and our three grandchildren, Vigil, Council, and Paolo. Winter 2006


The parents of those wonderful grandchildren -- Heather and River Brandon in August 2004. We had a family vacation at White Lake State Park, and it rained almost every day! We escaped to North Conway and a wireless cafe to dry out and to eat something not cooked over a campfire.


Our daughter Oceana celebrated her 30th birthday on March 15, 2007-- below is a July 2006 photo of her and me (with Lynn and Council to the left), and a linked page of photos from past years.


Council and Great-Grandmother Isabelle, Stephen's mother. Thanksgiving 2005


Carol Rose and Jacki Brenner, figuring things out at our kitchen table.

Stephen and Beth Bowen, old friend, pausing from her wide ranging travels for a moment with us at the table.


A spirit-filled gathering, our monthly Baha'i devotional meeting in Portsmouth NH (Summer 2005) The round table in the center was put together from  things at our house.


River, Shaida, and Noah - Wedding, July 2005 in Salt Lake City (actually in Sandy, Utah, I think). And a table gathering at the wedding, Stephen talking to Shaida's father, with Shaida's mother to the right.



Le and Ron at a SLC diner table with us 2005        Doug, Jacki, Diane, Stephen (at the wedding)


A picnic table at Green Acre. We gathered there for our daughter-in-law Heather's birthday, on August 15, 2005. (Heather is front left in the photo.) It was Noah's birthday, too, but he wasn't with us for this one, being newly married in Salt Lake City.) Ken LaRoche, our bearded friend at the end of the table, was staying with us that week, and joined us for the little party. Ken is now 100% in the spirit world, after passing through the veil in January 2006, though he was always largely there anyway.



Sherri Mitchell and Gabriel Frey in November 2006. Though they are no longer together as a couple, this photo still makes me smile. Gabriel's painting tells a story of his family and of the Native American tribes of Maine.