kitchen table consulting



Have you seen the dancing wombat video, with a message of connection? It makes me smile every time!


Cheryl Mitchell has written a book (as yet unpublished) called A Place at the Table. In it she talks about women making the world a better place by going from kitchen tables to board room tables, from the domestic world to the public world. Thank you Cheryl for these word images.


For some years I was on a listserv called The Kitchen Table (KT), where about a dozen people, women and men, connected through our faith community, shared our hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations. Like a real kitchen table, this cyber kitchen table offered a safe place to be vulnerable and less than perfect, to put on the table what we couldn't figure out alone, and to get the encouragement to get beyond the problems to solutions. There came a time when I said goodbye to the KT friends, because I was so busy working on solutions at other tables that I didn't have time for the listserv conversations. But I'll always be grateful for my time at that cyber table.


The late Doug Brenner brought this photo of PH Mtshali back with him from  his trip to South Africa, and I felt an immediate connection.  I love the diagram! I wish I could read all the words.